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#19 1979 MGB

(This blog is part of a series looking at cars that I have had on track. It does not encompass all of the ones I've had the privilege to drive but these were the ones that stood out for one reason or another)

I admit it, this one is totally biased. I have long had a soft spot in my heart for MGs. My dad raced many of them and in 1987, I bought myself an MGB and fell even more in love with the British make.

I immediately started to race it in autocrosses and in a few time trials and had a blast, despite doing so without a roll bar (which was stupid). It had lots of body roll, not much power, and the kingpins in the front end were going out every year from being stressed.

It was my daily driver and had all the usual Lucas electrical issues. I even drove it home one time with a piece of wire tied to the points in the fuel pump that I rhythmically tugged on to get it to pump.

Still loved the car, particularly its sound, and I ran it until rust starting causing it to not clear State inspections.

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