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#18 1979 Fiat X19

(This blog is part of a series looking at cars that I have had on track. It does not encompass all of the ones I've had the privilege to drive but these were the ones that stood out for one reason or another)

This little car which was designed by Giuseppe Bertone (who also designed the Ferrari 308) was my replacement road car for my MGB.

I autocrossed it often until I purchased my first formula car (and even a couple times after). It handles amazingly well but it was very underpowered and was prone to vapor locking. It also was known to break its timing belt due to its overly complicated routing (something that I've heard it shares with the Ferrari 308) which would cause the valves to poke holes in the pistons.

Overall, it was a blast to compete in the little car although it would be severely out-classed by most modern cars today.

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